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Product Builder · Creative Strategist · Mentor & Coach

I started my career as a reporter for my hometown paper. My first byline was in 2005. Three years later the newspaper industry crashed. My hometown paper, like so many hometown papers, is long since out of business.

At some point I realized I could make a greater contribution to journalism if I worked to save it.

As assistant editor at The New York Times, I co-authored a 96-page memo that came to be known as “The Innovation Report.” It was anonymously leaked to the press (I still don’t know who did it) and shook up industry. Innovate or die. I helped The Times implement massive changes to become a digital-first organization. Since then I have spoken about innovation to students and business leaders on five continents.

As a product manager at The Times I saw the mobile revolution coming. I led the team that built the modern-day NYTimes apps, moving from a shrunken-down home page to phone-first journalism. We turned push notifications into tiny stories, back when everyone else was doing breaking news alerts. We made the news more personal.

At Apple, as head of product for Apple News, I saw disruption from the other side. Apple News reached 100 million users a month; I believed news outlets should be paid for that. I partnered with more than 60 publishers to help build the Apple News+ subscription service—and a fairer revenue model.

As VP at The Atlantic, I led the Product & Design team through a period of extraordinary growth. In 2020, after launching a paywall, we reached more than 400,000 new digital subscribers and nearly a half-a-billion readers. I built deep partnerships with editorial, growth, and engineering leaders and worked to build a more collaborative, supportive, and inclusive workplace.

Today, I’m an independent consultant helping companies in a diversity of industries. I like to help teams become their best selves and build their best products. I would love to work with yours.

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